rock climbing in samugheo


Rock climbing in Samugheo

The rock-climbing area of Samugheo is one of the best winter climbing destinations in Sardinia. The first routes emerged in early 2000 mostly by Sarti, Canu, and Bussu. Currently, there are 14 very interesting sectors, with new routes added all the time. The newest sector is Yucatan, bolted in 2020 by Bussu, and it won’t be a surprise to see new crags appearing very soon… ????

Park your car in the main parking space by the abandoned restaurant. From here you can find three paths that lead to the various crags scattered below the restaurant. It only takes about 10 minutes to reach the crags. Mind the path though, it can be very steep.

If you follow the dirt road it leads to the Castello della Medusa: the ruins of an ancient castle overlooking the river and valleys below.


What’s the easiest climbing sector in Samugheo?

The easiest climbing sectors in Samugheo are Tana delle Volpi, ideal for beginners, and Roccia delle Aquile, with slightly more challenging routes. At Tana delle Volpi climbing routes are only about 12 meters high and really well bolted. We recommend this crag to those who are just starting climbing. It is sunny and ideal for climbing from November to March.


Which are the best climbing sectors in Samugheo?

This is not easy to judge but… The best overall climbing sector is probably Apoteosi. Although there are 15 routes only, the quality of the rock is at the top. Difficulties are well distributed and routes need continuity rather than explosive strength. On the second spot, we may place Araxisi. Super routes and really challenging movements both on the easy and the hard routes.


Can I climb in Samugheo during the summer?

Absolutely NOT! It is far too hot and from June to September, the grass is infested by ticks. The best time for climbing in Samugheo goes from October to April.


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