Rock climbing in Baronia

The Baronia area spans from Orosei and Galtellì to the mountains of Lula and up north to Posada. It unfolds along the eastern side of the Montalbo and embraces the hills in Onifai. Limestone on one side and granite on the other, Baronia has a large variety of climbing sectors.

The center of Baronia is made of gentle hills populated with many boulders and some very interesting granite pillars. On the edges though are two large limestone mountains: the mounts Tuttavista and Montalbo.

Granite lovers will find here one of the best crags in Sardinia. Istiozza has a dozen established lines and many more to explore. On the downside, it is always exposed to the sun and thus only accessible in the winter.


Which are the best sport-climbing crags near Orosei and Galtellì?

Two of the best crags in this area lay in the territory of Galtellì. The climbing sector Afghanistan is in the south end of mount Tuttavista, below the renowned arch Sa Petra Istampata. It is equipped with over 30 routes ranging from 5b to 7b. The rock is so grippy that by the end of the day your fingers won’t have much skin left.

On the north side of mount Tuttavista, at nearly 600 meters above sea level, we find the best summer crag in the area. Conca Niedda is the coolest climbing sector in the region. It has a few very nice multi-pitch and a sport sector with 14 routes graded from 6a to 6c. Conca Niedda is on shade all day, and with a bit of mistral wind, you may need a jumper even on the hottest summer day. The view over the valley below makes it one of our preferred destinations.

Moving to mount Montalbo, the crags created recently on the territory of Lula are a good destination to climb in spring and autumn. They are all located at about 800 meters above sea level, where the air is always a few degrees fresher. Of the three crags, Coa ‘e littu is the easiest, Su Pertusu has mostly from 6a to 7a and Uselia is the reign of old-style leaning slabs.


Where are the best multi-pitches in Baronia?

Montalbo is the word. As soon as you see the eastern side of the mountain you realize why. From the northern walls at Punta Su Pigiu to Punta Gantinerios, there are limitless possibilities to climb this mountain. Many walls are still unexplored for the simple reason that there is so much at reach that whatever else is sited too far is left for future explorations.

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