rock climbing in isili


Rock climbing in Isili

Isili is one of the most famous climbing areas in Sardinia, known for its extreme overhangs and good holds. Isili is the reign of pumped forearms, a severe school for climbing continuity and strength.

Apart from Conca Manna, all the climbing sectors in Isili spread on a little valley crossed by a river that feeds the nearby San Sebastiano lake. It is a charming green valley, home to many local and international climbers. Starting from Urania, the crag moves south, revealing ten more crags with various inclinations and difficulty ranges.

When arriving at the climbing location, you’ll be impressed by the majestic wall of Urania. This is a 45° wall, starting with a 4 meters horizontal roof. Of course, only top climbers managed to climb the hardest routes. Among them were also Adam Ondra, Steve McLure, and Arthur Kubista. Anyhow, if you are looking for an easy challenge you may pay a visit to the crags Muro Blu or Paese dei Nuraghe. Among the rest, they are the easiest in Isili, with plenty of routes from 5a to 6a.

For the records, there were also a bunch of other climbing sectors that are not included in this guide. Some of them are inaccessible since the lake was created in 2008. Others are just not worthy consideration…


How can I find the climbing sectors in Isili?

Arriving at the crags in Isili is an easy job. Driving north of town, towards Nurallao, every climber would turn her head to admire the fabulous white crags appearing before the lake. That’s it, put your harness on


How did it all start?

Just like many other crags in Sardinia, also the ones in Isili were discovered and developed by Maurizio Oviglia. He found the crags in 1988 and started bolting Pietra Fiosofale, still one of the most popular crags to date. The usual crew joined in. Among the many, Marchi, Piras, Lecis, Mocci, and the local Marino added an incredible number of routes, creating new sectors and populating Isili with over 300 climbing routes.


When is the best season for climbing in Isili?

Excluding the summer for the extreme heat and the presence of ticks, all other seasons are great for climbing in Isili. During the winter and spring, the fields leading to the farthest sectors may be wet and muddy. It is best to wear wellies or other water-resistant shoes.

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